Allstar linking on private LAN

Allstar linking on private LAN

I thought I might start here.

I am considering moving from hardware-based controllers (RLC, Arcom, Zetron) to Pi/DRA interface/controllers. I picked up several DRA-30 interfaces and built them (Thank you Kevin!).

But I have never really messed with Allstar. I though I should ask some questions first.

I have both layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity between my sites at several hundred mbps availability and low latency. I use VLAN tagging to segment traffic on both layers. While I do have internet access at all my sites, I intend to make this entirely private, none of the nodes connect to ASL.

Inspired by K5TRA controller project on his website, using a couple Pis and several interfaces to essentially build a multiport controller at each site to control repeaters and link certain repeaters to other repeaters at different sites.



  1. What is needed to make this work, do I need a single server (pi with no interfaces attached) in the network, or can I have two servers, one as failover.
  2. Which would be a better network to operate this the flat layer 2 or a routed layer 3? (all devices will have static private IP’s address)
  3. What do I configure differently in the server than I do in a node?
  4. Some repeaters will mostly be standalone (not linked) others will be linked to other repeaters at other sites 100% of the time.
  5. With the DRA-30 how to enable a GPIO OUT low to enable PL encode?  Or more specifically can I configure a node to transmit ID without sending PL.  Sorry I don’t like to listen to IDs blast away all day.  But if the external decoder decodes the right PL tone then the GPIO goes low enabling transmit PL?

Allstarlink 2 separate nodes that wont connect to each other

Each node is on its own raspberry Pi running HamVoip
My 1st node is UHF, all works as it should. Using ports 4569 & 5038
Port 4569 shows OPEN when I check it on

My 2nd node is VHF. All seems to be working. Using ports 4570 & 6038
Port 4570 shows CLOSED when I check it on

Both 4569 & 4570 are port forwarded to their respective PI's IP address.

I can connect my 2nd node to other Allstar nodes and it works fine.

When I try to connect my 1st node to my 2nd node, my supermon screen shows it "Connecting" for 5 seconds then disappears"

Allstarlink - Add weather command to DTMF

To add a DTMF command in /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf go to the [functions] stanza. It would be [functionsnode#]

This is where DTMF commands are defined.

55 would not be a good choice since *5x is macro's.

I would use 85 if it is not being used. It is not with regular commands. Remember if you define a two digit command then you cannot use three digits or more for that command. So *85 would preclude using *851 or *856, etc.

Allstarlink Node

 Allstarlink Node

Allstar // AllstarLink -

IPAD Droidstar beta setup

 IPAD Droidstar beta setup

Droid-Star v0.55-beta by Doug

ipad. droidstar

Toronto Ontario Canada / Allstarlink Node Map / allstarUSAMap

Maps / allstarUSAMap

Toronto Ontario Canada
Allstarlink Node Map

Setup IAX client - Droidstar | IPADstar | Droidstar for the ipad by Doug

Setup IAX client - Droidstar | IPADstar | Droidstar for the ipad

Setup examples for the ipad Droidstar by Doug 

AllStarLink Network Terminology

 Terminology List.

This page discusses some of the terminology used when configuring your AllStar Link node

Allstarlink Call Sign vs Node Number

Based on prior experience with this feature, I wanted to try it on one of my other nodes. Not working out for me so want to revert back to node number announcements. Any advice on how to back this feature out of the system?

How to lower the telemetry volume in Allstar

How to lower the telemetry volume in Allstar.

- telemetry is explained as the sound coming from the unit.

“Connect” and “Disconnected” announcement in the node.

Allstar from start to finish

Allstar from start to finish

 In this one we do the programming and get the basic settings done for our Allstar node. We get a functioning node


How to set up URIxB with ARCOM RC210 Controller and AllStar

How to set up URIxB with ARCOM RC210 Controller and AllStar

Does anyone have experience with setting up the RC210 controller with the URIxB and AllStar?




The AllStar Link network consists of a number of large (and small) individuals and groups who wish to provide efficient large-area communications to the Amateur Radio public in their respective local areas. This is done by providing a local VHF or UHF repeater system controlled by a Linux-based computer system running the open-source Asterisk PBX telephone switch platform along with theapp_rpt repeater/remote base controller/linking software module (which is included in the distribution of Asterisk) connected to a high speed (broadband, such as Cable Modem or DSL) Internet connection.

The computer system running Linux/Asterisk PBX coupled with the app_rpt module makes a powerful repeater/remote base controller capable of controlling many (like up to hundreds, theoretically) repeaters and/or remote bases per computer system. It provides linking of these repeater and remote base "nodes", with "nodes" on other systems of similar construction anywhere in the world, over the Internet via its IAX2 Voice Over IP protocol. It also, of course, provides for an Autopatch (public switched telephone network access over the radio) on each node (Asterisk is a phone switch after all.

Command Code Description
  • #1xxxxx Disconnect from node xxxxx
  • #2xxxxx Connect/receive only to node xxxxx
  • #3xxxxx Connect/transceive to node xxxxx
  • #10 Disconnect last connected node
  • #954 Disconnect all connected nodes (aggressive)
  • #80 Force System ID
  • #81 Say System Time
  • #82 Say app_rpt software version
  • #85 Last active node (system-wide)
  • #87 System-wide connection status


Linking Allstar to a MMDVM hotspot - DMR to Allstar Node Bridge

Linking Allstar to a MMDVM hotspot - DMR to Allstar Node Bridge

Linking Allstar to a MMDVM

Hello group,
I am trying to find information how to link the AllstarNode to a mmdvm.

This way I can use a mmdvm device as the RF and using a DMR, P25 to transmit.

UPDATE : Day long research - “DVswitch” I found the following on Youtube ::Video : DMR to Allstar Node Bridge